Quality Policy

In order to ensure the optimum quality from raw materials to processing and semi-finished products, the Quality Assurance Team operates the entire process inspection system to prevent defects in advance. We provide benefits to society based on a long-term success-oriented vision through the participation of all members and customer satisfaction centering on quality.

01Quality Policy

  • Establishing a quality assurance system based on the spirit of quality first
  • Pursuing comprehensive customer satisfaction with the aim of meeting customer needs
  • Continuous quality improvement and R&D by securing basic process quality and reliable process capabilities
  • 품질제일주의 실현

01Quality Strategy

  • We have established a quality management system based on the automotive industry quality management system standard (IATF 16949) and we are striving to realize the value of quality for our customers.
  • It starts from the practice of "not receiving, producing or sending defective products", which is the main principle of quality for customers.
  • In the manufacturing process, all facilities made to be error-proof, and defects are prevented in advance. We have also established and operated an SPC program to effectively manage process variations.
  • We have a quality management system (QMS) in the way of a quality database. Through this, all the data is shared with all employees, and there is active internal and external communication.

01Quality Action Guidelines

02Quality Awards

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