Since the establishment of the R&D Center in 2007, we have been striving for customer satisfaction from design review to completing production of the best quality products.
We will continue to challenge ourselves to secure future competitiveness and become a world-class company through continuous research and development of new technologies.

R&D Center Vision

R&D Center History

  • 2019Feb
    Joint development of standardized Hyundai/Kia safety security parts airbag fastener (participation as guest engineer)
  • 2018Aug
    LGE electric vehicle fastener parts specification design (participation as guest engineer)
    Selected as a company specialized in root technology
  • 2016 May
    Participated in the development of raw materials for non-phosphate coating
  • 2015Oct
    Selected as a technologically innovative SME (INNO-BIZ)
  • 2014Oct
    Joint development of standardized Hyundai/Kia safety security parts seat belt fastener (participated as guest engineer)
    Small Business Cooperation Foundation Cooperative Project
       (Improvement of mold structure due to mold damage, cost reduction and productivity improvement)
  • 2010Nov
    TAPTITE® Patent license agreement (REMINC & CONTI)
  • 2007Nov
    Affiliated research institute of Chungwoo Co., Ltd. official recognized (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
  • 2007 Mar
    MAThread®Patent License Agreement (MAThread Incorporated)

Development Process

Quotation Review

  • Drawing/specification registration
  • Development review
  • Issuance of Quotation

Development planning

  • TFT composition (team feasibility review)
  • Technical specification review
  • Special characteristics reviewS
  • Past difference history review
  • PRE manufacturing process chart

Product Planning

  • Development feasibility review
  • Part initial risk assessment
  • Design objectives
  • Reliability and quality objectives
  • Height ratio, GAGE, inspection tool review
  • Mold and process design

Product Development

  • Prototype production
  • Manufacturing process chart
  • Management plan
  • Work standard
  • GAGE R&R
  • GAGE R&R initial process
  • Product identification and traceability

Product/Process Effectiveness Evaluation

  • Packaging specification
  • 4M construction
  • Standard document
  • SPR implementation
  • Process audit
  • Supplier approval process
  • Mass production part approval process

Mass Production

  • Initial flow management
  • Statistical process management
  • Continuous improvement activities
  • worker skills training